Strategic Plan

A Gisborne Intermediate student shows lifelong learning through a growth mindset which is supported by our values of Respect, Integrity, Self-Management and Excellence. At Gisborne Intermediate we encourage all learners in our community to strive for excellence and become great people.

Gisborne Intermediate values are all integral to growing great people who reach their full potential.

RESPECT – Whakaute
Respecting our language, culture, environment, ourselves, growth, and each other

INTEGRITY – Ngākau Tapatahi
Being honest, trustworthy, ethical, responsible and accountable for our actions.

Taking responsibility for being honourable within the way we choose to act and making sure we are prepared in order to give ourselves the best chance for success.

To be the best you can be and to strive for excellence through perseverance.

These values are part of what makes people great and we desire for all Gisborne Intermediate students to grow into great people.

Gisborne Intermediate has enjoyed continual roll growth to the point where we now have an enrolment scheme to avoid overcrowding. There is a genuine learning culture based on collaboration and the promotion of strong values. There exists a determined belief that all students will meet with success and are valued for who they are and are supported to aspire to their full potential.