Growing great people | Te Whakatipu Iwi Nui


Create personalised learning opportunities for our tamariki with connections to the world around them through powerful partnerships between students, teachers and whānau.

Our beliefs mean we employ and develop teachers who:
  • Meet individual student needs with consideration of a future perspective.
  • Live the school values and are prepared to be learners themselves.
  • Are prepared to be accountable and have challenging conversations around evidence of learning.
  • Have high expectations of themselves and their students but have some fun in the quest for success.
  • Have an expectation that everyone reaches their full potential by supporting cultural aspirations.
  • Are highly professional in working with all stakeholders to achieve maximum impact.
Our beliefs mean we aspire to create learners who are:
  • Well-rounded people who fulfil their potential.
  • Aware of their next learning steps and set challenging but achievable academic goals.
  • Curious innovators who take responsibility for themselves and demonstrate a sound work ethic.
  • IT savvy and globally connected contributors who are future-focused.
  • Empathetic team players with good manners and show appreciation.
  • Brave and resilient in the face of challenges and disappointments.

Guiding principles

  • Put students’ welfare and learning at the centre of all our decisions.
  • Build relationships with our school whānau and community.
  • Prepare students with core skills and values.
  • Develop high-performing teachers.
  • Respect our social, cultural and physical environment.
  • Demonstrate effective governance.

RISE Values