See below for our latest enrolment information and all form required for enroling your child(ren) at Gisborne Intermediate.

Within this pack you will find the following information/forms:

Enrolment Application Form

2022 Enrolments are open NOW. All out of zone enrolments for next year will be accepted if received by 26 November 2021.

EOTC Consent Form

This form acts as consent for your child to attend events and activities deemed as low risk in respect to EOTC (Education Outside the Classroom) opportunities. We would appreciate you completing this form at enrolment phase.

e-Learning Agreement

This agreement covers the student’s use of all e-Learning facilities at Gisborne Intermediate School for educational use and the online publication of student work and images. The resources provided include computers, access to network resources, educational games and the internet. To have access to the school’s e-Learning resources, students must agree to abide by the school’s e-Learning Agreement.

Parent Information Form

In order for us to make an informed decision around the classroom placement of your child, we invite you to provide us with information from your perspective as a parent/caregiver. This information will be used in conjunction with information from the previous school and the student themselves to determine placement at Gisborne Intermediate.

Online publication of student images and work

The school uses a range of learning technologies to enhance student learning. These include email, and the Internet. From time to time, we publish on the school’s website and social media sites (such as Facebook); material for educational purposes, to share the results of learning within the school community, and to promote the school within the wider community. This may include examples of students’ schoolwork and images of students and groups of students in activities at the school. Images of students may include scanned, digital, or video of them taking part in school or class activities.

Teachers will adhere to the Code of Ethics as a guide for safe and effective use of all social media. Please refer to the Ministry of Education's guidelines.


There are three main reasons the school publishes student material online:

  • to educate the student in accordance with the national curriculum, including the role and use of technology in society;
  • to encourage the student to be part of and participate in the school community; and
  • to promote the school in the wider community.

Gisborne Intermediate is focused on meeting the unique characteristics and needs of emerging adolescents.

Our aim is to grow great people by working in partnership with parents, in preparing our young people for living in the 21st century...



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